Hey Hey, My My: Is Neil Young really Massachusetts’ most distinctive artist?


Sorry, Aerosmith, the Bosstones, and the Dropkicks — Neil Young is the most “distinctive” artist in the state of Massachusetts. That’s, uh, according to a new study by music intelligence platform company the Echo Nest, which explored regional listening preferences for all 50 states and busted out the handy map below.

Go ahead, look at that map. Pretty interesting, huh?

TIME dubbed the study “every state’s favorite band,” but it’s a bit more complicated than that. We sure as hell don’t understand it, so head over to Music Machinery, where the Echo Nest’s Paul Lamere breaks things down wicked scientifically.


Or just stare at this chart and ask yourself, who the fizz titty tuck is Hillsong United?


Nice work, Naked And Famous. And LOL @ Maine.

As for Neil, that secret appearance at Johnny D’s back in September must have had an impact.