Breaking News: Keytar Bear performs with Saxophone Sock Monkey in Government Center


Hall & Oates.

Simon & Garfunkel.

Eric B. & Rakim.


And now… Keytar Bear & Saxophone Sock Monkey!

In perhaps the unlikeliest pairing of musical minds since Bowie hooked up with Jagger, Keytar Bear — Boston’s favorite synthpop-playing Ursidae — raised his game today by enlisting the help of previously-unknown Saxophone Sock Monkey. The duo made sweet music on a feels-like-springtime Saturday afternoon at Government Center.

We don’t know what they played, or what it sounded like, but we’re sure it was deserving of many dollar bills. Hopefully, future collaborations are in order.


Shout out to Adrienne M for capturing the magic via Twitter, and hat tip to the We Love Keytar Bear Facebook page for passing along the good word: