Here’s Amanda Palmer hanging out with Eddie Vedder after the two played ukelele together on stage in Australia

Photos via amandapalmer.net

Amanda Palmer took time away from her book-writing to join Eddie Vedder on stage in a celebration of the ukelele down in Australia. There’s no video of the duet, it’s believed, because the Pearl Jam front man — who released a Ukelele Songs in 2011 — has a strict no-camera policy at his shows. But the pair played “Ukelele Anthem” during one of Vedder’s encores. Palmer said she took a brief secret ninja video earlier in Vedder’s set, so maybe that’ll resurface at some point.

In the meantime, Palmer dished a little bit yesterday on her blog, and gave cool insight into playing with Vedder on stage, then having an art-gasm afterwards with ol’ Ed and the Frames’ Glen Hansard, who opened the show (the trio is pictured above). It’s a pretty cool read all the way through.

Palmer wrote:

well goddam, if there isn’t a better excuse to take a break from book writing to go play “ukulele anthem” on stage with eddie vedder,
i dunno.

he emailed, hooray, he loved my blog-thank-you note…and he had three sold-out solo shows this week in melbourne, would i like to come play?
i heeded the call. i showed up tuesday night and we worked out a DUET of the “ukulele anthem” and played it during his encore.

it was beautiful.

i wound up with a serious hangover. it was worth it.

i honestly didn’t think the ukulele anthem could work as a duet…but we managed it – trading off lines and verses and coming up with harmonies.

Coconut Water helped cure Palmer’s hangover, in case you were wondering. It’s truly a magical potion, we highly recommend it, too.

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