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Cry Me A Wishkah River: City of Aberdeen unveils weepy Kurt Cobain statue


The city of Aberdeen celebrated their native son, Kurt Cobain, yesterday, on the day he would have turned 47 years old. To mark the occasion, Kurt Cobain Day saw the unveiling of a statue depicting the late Nirvana singer/guitarist, and it shows him weeping.

Check out the story above from King 5 News. In the report, Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson says he wants to not only celebrate Cobain and his legacy, but also use his celebrity to turn the Washington city into a sort of Graceland of the West. Ca-ching!

Maybe that’s why Cobain is shedding a tear.


Spin notes that Hoquiam, a tour four miles west of Aberdeen, “has declared April 10 Nirvana Day.”

Cobain killed himself on April 5, 1994, in Seattle.

Kurt Cobain