Peter Hook weighs in on the alleged David Bowie version of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

David Bowie singing “Love Will Tear Us Apart” late one night in 1983 with the surviving members of Joy Division? It sounded too good to be true when an alleged recording of the Manchester band’s post-punk anthem started making the internet rounds last week.

And now Peter Hook has confirmed, not surprisingly, that it’s as fraudulent as a meat-eating Morrissey impersonator.

“Sorry to disappoint all those who have asked but this alleged version of LWTUA that’s doing the rounds with David Bowie singing is a fake..!” Hooky wrote via twitter a few hours ago.

We can all go back to our regularly scheduled lives.

Unless, of course, that’s really just a drunken David Sylvian doing his best impression of the Thin White Duke, as suggested in the comment section of our post last week. We’ll hold out for confirmation. In the meantime, here’s Hooky’s tweet.