Return of the Grey Lantern: Mansun’s Paul Draper collaborates with Catherine AD on the Anchoress


Photo via paul-draper.net

When Welsh singer-songwriter Catherine AD teamed up with former Mansun frontman Paul Draper in late 2013 on a project dubbed the Anchoress, fans of British indie took notice. Having recently re-emerged on social media, Draper has been behind the controls on the project in his London production studio. Additionally, he collaborated with the artist officially known as Catherine Anne Davies in helping to write about half of the Anchoress’ tracks. The patient masses were finally treated to the project’s first single when it made its January 13 debut on the Steve Lamacq Show on BBC6 Music (fast forward to 11:30 for the song), several months before its anticipated May 5 release.

“What Goes Around” does not disappoint. Catherine weaves the tale of a scorned lover over dark, baroque piano pop. Draper’s contributions to the song are clear in the chorus which features a distinctively Mansun-esque chord progression. “What Goes Around” will be released as a limited-edition vinyl single on Too Pure Singles.


Anchoress Graphic