Boston-based clothing company thwarted in attempts to manufacture Justin Bieber Nazi shirt


A clothing company launched in Boston has been unable to manufacture t-shirts that depict pop star Justin Bieber with a swastika on his forehead. Let’s Rage Clothing had the Charles Manson-esque “all-over” t-shirt for sale on its website for $50, but after some customers tried to purchase the garment, they received this message, explaining that no one would print it:

Thank you for contacting us! I checked your order and it looks like you purchased our Justin Bieber Swastika t-shirt. Unfortunately, we can’t find a printing facility that will actually make those shirts so they’ve been taken off our online store. I’ll pass this information onto our fulfillment team to make sure your order is refunded. On behalf of the Let’s Rage team, I apologize for not getting you the Justin Bieber shirt. We thought it was hilarious and justifiably offensive too, but no other companies agreed.

The company’s homepage says it is now based in Cleveland, Ohio, though its twitter account still lists Boston as its base.

Here is the t-shirt, which has been pulled from the Let’s Rage store.

Bieber Swastika

  1. The swastika is backward, firstly. Also, any company who accepts sales for a product for which they admittly have no willing producers needs a kick in the crotch.

  2. A very hard kick in the crotch! These guys steal art from artists left and right and are truly committed to being racist, sexist bigots. The owner was thrown off warped tour with his label Red Blue Records for allegedly getting caught in the act with a fourteen year-old girl before going on to start Let’s Rage. They frame the cease and desist orders they get and display them.

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