Instant Video: Watch the Field Effect play ‘Porcelain’ at the Do617 launch party @ the Paradise


We’re still reeling a bit from tonight’s Do617 launch party at the Paradise Rock Club. From Bad Rabbits’ colossal rump-shaking throwdown to the Red Sox World Series trophy making a stylish cameo to CliffLight’s sunshine-pop opening tilt to DJ Frank White’s on-point jam session to fucking Keytar Bear warming up the Commonwealth Avenue pavement as folks lined up outside — shit was off the chain. And with nearly 800 people in the room, the vibe was 100% chill, 100% Boston.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, the Field Effect unleashed yet another high-energy guitar-rock assault on the ear and eye and heart waves. Aaron Eskeets of meetyourbeat.com was there to record it for evidence, and turned out this video clip of “Porcelain” even before he hit the post-show pillow.

More to come on this night… probably.

Well played, Boston. We’re on to something.

Photo by Do617.com

Field Effect