Fresh Ink: Loser in Fantasy Football League forced to get a Miley Cyrus tattoo

This past fantasy football season, there were a lot of “Wrecking Balls” — Aaron Rodgers missing a string of pivotal games, Adrian Peterson sitting out the first week of the FFL playoffs, Roddy White going MIA, David Wilson becoming unforgivable, Maurice Jones-Drew pretty much consistently sucking all year.

But for the Omaha-based Tattoo League, the “Wrecking Ball” came after the season. This 10-team Nebraska fantasy football league doesn’t play for money — no, no, no, it plays for something much more permanent. Here, the last place team must get a tattoo designed by the league winner.

In the past, losers have become adorned with embarrassing shit like a bunch of Care Bears “Tebowing” or Justin Bieber reminding you to “YOLO” (hopefully for that victim it means “You Only Lose Once”).

This year, the loser had to get a Miley Cyrus-themed ink job, complete with ESPN fantasy expert Matthew Berry riding a “Wrecking Ball” made out of Jay Leno’s face, with “Fantasy twerker loser” inscribed around it. Oh my.

Check out the video from ESPN.com:

Oh and why Jay Leno, you ask? They boys were a guest on the show back in October, showing off their last-place ink.

And here’s a full, up-close look at this year’s prize.

Miley Tattoo