Something foul is afoot in Dorchester: Woman’s toe bitten off at New Year’s Eve party


[dropcap]A[/dropcap] woman started 2014 on the wrong foot after she had her left little toe bitten off at a New Year’s Eve party in Dorchester. The party host allegedly went after the victim out on the street after a hook-up attempt went awry, and chomped down on the little piggy before it ever had a chance to go to the market. We’re assuming the victim was wearing some sort of open-toe shoe or sandal, because who is outside and barefoot in Boston in the early hours of January 1?

[Note: That’s not the victim’s foot up top, we just pulled that image off Google obviously.]

According to the Associated Press, via masslive.com:

Officers responded to a city hospital at about 5 a.m. Wednesday for a report of an apparent assault in which the victim’s little toe on her left foot was bitten off.

The victim told police she made a sexual advance to another woman at the party in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood at about 3 a.m., which upset the other woman’s boyfriend and led to a fight.

Police tell The Boston Globe the party’s host then asked the victim to leave, which led to another fight outside in which the host allegedly bit off the guest’s toe.

The entire episode remains under investigation and no names were released.

The Globe has more details on the foot fracas, but what remains unclear is the whereabouts of the victim’s little toe.


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