Call the Scrooges: Here is a fantastic 21-second holiday message from Mr. Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop has a cockatoo, two poodles, a hot tub, a Santa cap, a swimming pool and one Fun (lookin’) House. All of these things come together to offer up some holiday cheer in a 21-second Christmas video the 66-year-old punk icon posted earlier today on YouTube.

“Merry Christmas message from Iggy Pop” is essentially an overgrown Vine clip, but it extends some much-needed good will and gives a sweet glimpse inside the Casa de Pop.

Sure, a lot of people will be saying “Hi… Mury Crismus” to you over the next few days (if your worship swings that way), but none will be cooler than a pool-side Iggy mumbling it toward your general direction while raising his eyebrows.


Iggy still has it, and this isn’t the first time he’s gotten in a festive mood for the holidays (see below). But next year, we wanna see him join the Scrooges.