New music from around Massachusetts: Color Channel, Secret Lover, Vundabar, Speedy Ortiz, E The Real & Forth Star

Vundabar photo by Rider Doolittle

Last night at the Vanya HQ we finally got around to hanging our holiday stockings up on the mantle near the hot pink Christmas tree, so naturally, we have bite-size stuffers fresh on the brain. There’s been a good bit of new music released around Massachusetts lately, throwing our Year-End lists out of whack and spiking our eggnog with a young batch of tunes. Here are a few quick hits to bring us up to speed:

:: Speedy Ortiz, “Everything’s Bigger”

Not satisfied with ending the year on tour with the Breeders (catch them Wednesday at the Paradise, and win tickets here), Speedy announced the Real Hair EP last week by offering up this tasty new jam. The new EP follows up this year’s breakout Major Arcana, was produced by Paul Q. Kolderie, and drops February 11.

[global_player artist=”Speedy Ortiz” title=”Everything’s Bigger” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/123979949/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000064879875-8jrx1j-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/carparkrecords/speedy-ortiz-everythings/” id=”61276″ fb=”” tw=””]

:: Secret Lover, Lasso EP

Our favorite Worcester sons and daughter unleashed this new EP, which breathes new life into “Perfect Wednesday,” a gem of a track unfortunately buried on February’s Lucky/Unlucky LP. Secret Lover will be spending the New Year on tour, and you can check out the dates here.

:: Color Channel, “Out Of Breath”

The fruits of Converse’s Rubber Tracks sessions at Q Division are finally starting to ripen, and Boston dance-party crew Color Channel bring the funk under the covers and above the fold in new jam “Out Of Breath.” We can’t wait for more CC music in 2014.

:: Vundabar, “Greenland”

We’ve been sweet on this single from the sludgy Boston trio since back in the WFNX.com daze, but now there is a fancy new video to make our love official. We love seeing Boston scenes in music videos, and right now Vundabar is our Ben Affleck. Catch them at the Middle East on January 22 as Vanyaland teams up with Illegally Blind for the TeleVibes cassette release party, which also features Atlantic Thrills and the Guru.

:: E The Real & Forth Star, “The 4ist”

Speaking of new videos, here’s a pretty cool clip from hip-hop duo E The Real & Forth Star. “The 4ist” is the latest off their new record Back 2 The Abyss, just out this month. We’re feeling the flow here, and we think we just caught a Chappelle’s Show reference in one of the lyrics. Bet we’ll be hearing more from these cats in the New Year, especially the Boston-based E The Real.