These ticket prices to party with Tiesto in Miami on New Year’s Eve will blow your mind


Yeah yeah, Great Scott and T.T. The Bear’s Place might be jacking up their New Year’s Eve cover to the oh-so-exorbitant $15 to $20 range, but that’s nothing compared to what it’ll cost to go party with superstar DJ Tiesto at Miami nightclub LIV.

Get ready to break that piggybank.

How about a “dance floor table for 15?” That’ll run you $50,000. Oh, plus a $4,000 “service charge.”

A dude buying a single ticket? A mere $600.

And for a girl? Just $400.

Yes, there’s a $200 discount for the ladies. That’s before the $32 convenience fee.

Go get it, Miami.

Here’s the price sheet. Start saving up, kids.


tiesto nye

  1. Big deal. Some people have the money to do this so what is wrong with that? This is nothing new for Miami or Las Vegas for that matter. Las Vegas has tables for $500,000 at Hakkassan. This is not the price for Tiesto. This is the price venues like Liv charge for its exclusivity, which it has every right to do so. Liv charged these same prices in 2011 and 2010 for new years eve too but did not get the publicity its getting now. I think this is part of people’s hatred for Tiesto and saying he is “sold out” so they are looking for ways to keep the trash talk going. Also, this is not a party for “kids” who need to “save up” to see Tiesto. Those kids can always go to other festivals or shows to see him at normal ticket prices. People who live in big cities and are familiar with the club and private party scene would not be shocked by these prices. As they always say, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  2. Play the CD at home, buy some bottles of Veuve and a can of good caviar and save the money. That’s all Tiesto is doing, anyway.

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