Look At This Effing Flyer: December 2013


Good jolly miss Molly it’s time for another round of Look At This Effing Flyer, this time with added dashes of drunken seasonal bliss. December might be chock full of holiday parties, and we already have T.T. The Bear’s Place’s and others circled on our wall calendars, but there are plenty of rock shows going down as well. The bars are stacked with eggnog and the bands are merry as fuck.

Go ahead and dump some Boston rock into your stocking.

As always, Look At This Effing Flyer is a gallery of some of the best show posters around town; not merely a guide to upcoming live gigs and parties in Boston and beyond, but also spotlight on the designers and artists who create such captivating work.

Click the image to expand, then scroll across; all available credits run below the flyer (if we failed to give you proper credit for your design, email michael@vanyaland.com and we’ll fix that!). Or if you got a show you want featured, hit us up at the same email address.