Tryna Erna Livin’: Watch the guy from Godsmack star in the trailer for new horror flick ‘Army of the Damned’

Godsmack haven’t released an album since 2010’s The Oracle, so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing frontman Sully Erna showing up in arenas other than music. Right now, that arena is Hollywood, as the Lawrence singer stars in a new horror movie called Army of the Damned, which also features Tony Todd (Candyman), Michael Berryman, N*Sync’s Joey Fatone, and Jasmin St. Claire the porno actress.

Hell of a cast right there. But unlike the others, it’s Erna’s lead acting debut.

He told Dread Central back in May:

“This is my first lead in a movie and it’s cool,” Erna said. “It’s an action/horror and there’s some good sarcastic New England humor in it. They put me together with three other cops that play beside me. Everyone has such a different personality and it’s really, really cool how we play off each other. Bridge, who I play, is a lot more serious and intense and takes things a lot more seriously. He’s watching over the town his father used to be sheriff in. And then we’ve got two other knuckleheads that just come in and never take anything seriously because nothing ever happens in their town. The dynamics are really great.”

The trailer was released last night, and you can watch that shit up top.

Army of the Damned is set for DVD release on January 14, with a special video-on-demand release next week.