Live Stream: Ghost Box Orchestra + The New Highway Hymnal, live from Redstar in Cambridge, 8 to 11pm EST

Photo Credit: powerofprog.com

Going out to weekday live music shows is hard. Redstar makes it easy.

If you can’t get out to Kendall Square tonight for “Fresh Psych Rock” — starring Ghost Box Orchestra and our very own New Highway Hymnal — then fear not, as Red Star has you covered. Click the portal below for a live stream of the night’s festivities.

Be warned, it’ll still get loud. And colorful.


Ghost Box Orchestra go on around 8:15pm. The New Highway Hymnal are releasing their new EP Reverb Room off Vanya Records (the follow-up to last year’s Whispers LP) and hit the LED stage around 9pm. And the whole thing is hosted by Brian E. King of Parks.