Frozen in Time: Hipsters and douchebags posing for video when they think they are posing for a photo is the new Best Thing Ever


We’ve all fallen victim to it — you pose for a photo, but the dolt taking the picture can’t seem to find the click button. You freeze, looking your best — chin turned slightly, eyebrow raised, mouth assured oh-so-fucking-sexy, maybe, just maybe, a little bit of duck face… and you wait, and wait, and then hang, and then slowly droop down. Exhale. Belly back out. Deep breath.

FFS, take the pic!

Dublin, Ireland, party C.U.N.T. (it’s a Tuesday night thing, and they wanna see you at the next one) took this vibe to a whole new level, getting guests (we assume) to pose for photos like at any time-honored dance party. Only except for getting a quick click and a smile, the video rolled, and captured their expression(s) in all their deliberate slow-motion glory.

Shit is kinda amazing, and the Carly Simon is a nice touch.

We have a new favorite thing.

h/t Magnetic Mag