Vanyaland Premiere: Gondoliers cut through the rock with searing new video for ‘Slaves’

Midriff Records is on a hot streak. After the successful release of Guillermo Sexo’s latest opus comes the granite-splitting LP from noise-rock catapult Gondoliers. In advance of their new LP Tonight’s Whispers, out Tuesday, we’re proud to premiere the trio’s new video for “Slaves,” an epileptic clip fit for flipping your office desk and calling it an early weekend. The video was directed by Adric Giles.

Until 2011, Gondoliers had been an instrumental two-piece, featuring, Daniel Madri (Joy, the Jack McCoys, Godboy) on guitar/synths and Brendan Gibson on drums. Then they hooked up with frontman John Mansun, known around town from the basements to the oddball clubs from his time with the abrasive Young Sexy Assassins and eternally-creative Neptune. The vocal acquisition not only rounded out the trio, but gave Gondoliers an even greater height to their sci-fi synth-rock rumblings.

Check out the video above, as well as details on the LP below (the vinyl version of Tonight’s Whispering is a split release between Midriff and the Cambridge-based 100% Breakfast label). Gondoliers celebrate all this fuzz jazz November 23 at Roggies in Brighton with Guillermo Sexo, at the official record release November 25 at Charlie’s Kitchen with Thalia Zedek, Star Power, and others, and again December 7 at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge with Z*L. Expect a European tour sometime in 2014.

Gondoliers’ Tonight’s Whispering track listing:
01. Hair Patterns
02. Man Next Door
03. Unshared Beliefs
04. Downward Drift
05. Loose Association
06. We Fit
07. Slaves
08. Gold Wings
09. Mackerel Hill
10. Broadcaster

And the artwork, designed by Ian Adams…