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Video Premiere: ‘Stay’ by Shakespears Sister, recreated by Sarah Rabdau + Sophia Cacciola


A week from tonight, Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins team up with Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling for a double-release party bill at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge. Rabdau & S.E.A. are celebrating their new record Free As Thieves (out November 19) and DNFMOMD are birthing a double-single and video package titled By Hook Or By Crook.

To commemorate the occasion, Rabdau and DNFMOMD’s Sophia Cacciola not only covered Shakespears Sister’s 1992 underground hit “Stay,” but also re-created the music video — which was responsible for a lot of weird feelings and emotions when certain 12-year-olds watched it on 120 Minutes back in the day.

Shakespears Sister was the project of Irish songwriter Siobhan Fahey, formerly of Bananarama, and took their name from a song by the Smiths, which was citing Virginia Woolf. We’re not sure our pre-teenage self understood all that at the time. But we were still enraptured.


Kinda like we are now. Check out the Vanyaland premiere of the video up top.

On Friday, the usual duo of DNFMOMD will be performing as a quintet (say wha?), joined by Susannah Plaster on viola, Rachel Leah Blumenthal on oboe/flute, and Matt Graber on trombone and drums. And it’ll be Rabdau & Crew’s first new record in four years. Joining them on the release party bill will be Lifestyle and Bent Knee.

For more on the new Rabdau musics, check a fine piece in the Herald today as well as some clips below…


Rabdau Flyer

Psst! …here’s the original “Stay” video for comparison…