‘It’s my mistake’: Listen to Holyoke producer Steve Porter’s ‘Rob Ford Crack Remix’


Western Massachusetts DJ/producer Steve Porter is at it again. After gaining national notoriety for his remixes for the NBA, VH-1, and Slap Chop, the Amherst native and Holyoke resident behind Porterhouse Media sets his Autotune stun-gun on our neighbor to the north, taking a crack at Toronto’s beleaguered mayor, Rob Ford.

Ford admitted recently that, yes, he did smoke some crack. But only in “a drunken stupor.” Finally the great city of Toronto has something more embarrassing than the Maple Leafs.

Too bad Porter wasn’t around when Marion Barry faced a similar crisis in DC.


The “Rob Ford Crack Mix” is his best work since 2009’s “That Really Happened?: The Year In Autotune.” Check that gem out, plus the “Slap Chop Remix,” below…