Beat Match Dot Com? EDM Date is the newest hookup site for lonely ravers and electro heads


Are you tired of no one understanding your deep love for Skrillex? Is it your dream for Justice to serve as your wedding’s Justice of the Peace? Is there a permanent glitch in your dating, like the love of your life will never drop? Well, it looks like the world’s newest dating site is here to save your sorry love life.

Welcome to EDM-date.com, a dating site that connects lonely ravers and party kids in a way Christian Mingle could never dare.

Sorry J Date — here comes K Date!

“The all new dating site geared specifically towards the electronic dance music community,” reads the site’s Facebook bio, which was created November 4. “Come meet the raver of your dreams.”

Shit, it’s still safer than buying Molly from strangers.

Also — hat tip to Elite Daily for beating us to “EDM Harmony” in their headline. Bravo on that one.

EDM dating site

EDM Date

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