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Uehara Business: Misfits celebrate Boston’s World Series victory in true Red Sox fashion


Here’s something Danzig would never do. Last night at the Wilbur Theatre, Jerry Only of the Misfits took to the stage declaring that not only was he ready to celebrate Halloween, but he was raising a skull mug to Boston’s World Series victory. Only then threw on a bunch of Red Sox gear to prove it and opened the Misfits set wearing a blue Sox jersey and ballcap.

Not bad for a guy from New Jersey!

We can just imagine the potential song crossover here, like “Uehara Business,” “Dig Up Her Gomes,” or “Papi Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?”


Natasha Boos was on-hand a took a bunch of shots of Only in action. Check them out below, and catch up with the original Misfit in our Only interview that ran on Tuesday.

Copyright: Natasha Boos