Swedish production duo Max Elto introduce us to their cool ‘Backyard Animals’

We’re a sucker for anything relating to electronic music out of Sweden — or any sounds from the Scandinavian country, really — so naturally we’re intrigued by this teaser clip for the next Max Elto track, “Backyard Animals.” The track and video gets the North American release treatment on November 11, part of a larger EP that should garner a good bit of attention around the world. More to come on all that once we get past the Halloween hurdle.

If you’re not too familiar with these cats, don’t sweat. Here’s the word from the House of Publicity, with their full-length “Shadow Of The Sun” video after the plug-plug…

The mysterious duo, otherwise known as Alex and Tom, first started out collaborating in the studio in late 2012 and soon realized they had something special to offer. Recently signing with Atlantic Records’ imprint Big Beat Records, the first track from their forthcoming EP is a nice taster of what’s to come. ‘Backyard Animals’ showcases Tom’s unique ability to blend deep-house grooves with complex pop sensibilities and is altogether carried by the soulful and melodic voice of Alex. These two talents combine to create the undeniably refreshing — but altogether classic — sound of Max Elto.