Cold Cave celebrate the birthdays of Justin Benoit, Nico, Oscar Wilde with sinister new track

Lost in all the Boyd Rice cancellation hoopla back in June was the simple fact that the Boston area lost a chance to see one of the more intriguing bands on the circuit these days, and that’s Wes Eisold’s dark wave project Cold Cave.

Whether or not you agree with Eisold’s decision to take Rice out on tour, or even T.T. The Bear’s move to nix their show is a moot point. Life goes on, and so do Cold Cave.

Eisold’s sonic black circle spun to the surface yesterday via a nice mid-October treat titled “Nausea, the Earth and Me,” another offering in the assembly line beat parade he’s been churning out for the past year or so. It’s got a nice October thrust to it, lined in goth gloves and stretched out over aural black masks.

“Was going to wait to post this but this is my communication and I need to communicate,” Eisold said yesterday via social media. “Happy Birthday to Justin Benoit, Nico and Oscar Wilde. Rest In Power.”

Benoit is a former Cold Cave member who passed away in February.

Cold Cave heads to Russia for two dates just after Halloween.

Cold Cave Russia