Did Erin Andrews mistake Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander for Justin Bieber last night?


Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Tuesday night’s 1-0 Red Sox victory over the Tigers was Fox field reporter Erin Andrews nearly name-dropping Justin Bieber in a Game 3 post-game interview with Mike Napoli. She was referencing Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander, but came awfully close to showing some untimely Bieber Fever.

Check the tape up top. Seems legit. We can’t stop thinking of the Biebs, either.

Andrews quickly took to social media last night to pretty much say STFU, everyone.

Regardless, we know one thing for sure: She’s no Heidi Watney.

  1. well this is a dumb waste of space. nice click-baiting. plus it’s a supremely clear “VEE” sound and not a “BEE” sound in her little name-hiccup.

  2. The fact that Erin Andrews came out to defend herself on Twitter suggests it’s more than just Vanyaland asking the question. Music based? Yes. Boston based? Yes. I don’t see the problem here. GO SOX!

    1. That’s pretty much it. Like the Eddie Vedder pic, it was Boston-related. Though I’m telling you we were THISCLOSE to posting that awesome shot of King Buzzo taking in the Dodgers game a few days ago. Too far from the sun, though.

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