Oh boy! Is Cazwell’s ‘No Selfie Control’ the most blatant rip-off of ‘Get Lucky’ so far?


Raunchy Worcester-born electro rapper Cazwell has been known to get dirty, but on new track “No Selfie Control,” the buff bad boy named Luke appears to just wanna “Get Lucky.”

What’cha think? Will he be writing a check to Daft Punk pretty soon? It feels blatant, but then again, here we are posting about Cazwell the day of the track’s release. Ca-ching! Money well spent.

The song isn’t too bad, and we can all relate to wanting to be “followed” at any cost. In fact, we also hear traces of JC Chasez’s “All Day Long I Dream About Sex” somewhere in there as well. Well played.


For the uninitiated, Sir Cazwell is a pretty big deal in the gay community. Here’s one of his finer moments, which finds his love… uhhh, sprayed all over your face… tasty!