Photo Gallery: Spooktacular Fall Flea Market + Bloody Mary Bash, 10.13.13 @ T.T. The Bear’s


Yesterday was another perfect fall day in New England, ripe for a second dance at King Richard’s Faire or an afternoon spent walking around Salem. Vanyaland kept it in town, however, and hit up the Spooktacular Fall Flea Market at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, giving us an excuse to shop for vintage threads, peruse through stacks of vinyl, and scout home-made wares and good. Oh, and drink 3pm Bloody Mary’s (or in some cases, delicious and nutritious screwdrivers). We snapped some (very amateur) photos of the event, inspired by not only my purchase of a new iPhone 5C but also the burning desire to document Andrew Galante’s shit-scaring costume. He’s the first photo listed; it gets less scary from there.

And lastly, props to Cherryl Hanson-Bull, a.k.a. Helen A. Handbasket for setting up this good-time, and keep an eye out for the Sppoktacular’s holiday season follow-up coming later this year.

Copyright: Michael Marotta for Vanyaland