Photo Gallery + Recap: Daughter live @ Royale, 10.04.13


London’s Daughter quietly performed an admirable set at Royale last week, despite certain factions in the audience who were treating it like a town hall meeting, loudly meandering on during the show about nothing in particular other than to make themselves heard.

Self described by guitarist Igor Haefeli as, “an awkward bunch of people up here” at one point during the night, it was the quiet shyness of frontwoman Elena Tonra that was so appealing, delicately exposing her festering-wound lyrics on songs like “Youth,” “Still,” and “Landfill,” two of which can be found on the trio’s debut full length, this year’s If You Leave, with the latter on the 2011 EP His Young Heart.

The show carried with it haunting emotion that teetered on the brink of explosiveness at times. Hopefully, when Daughter comes through again, that annoying as all hell “Shhhhhh!!!” won’t be heard every five minutes.


Here’s a look at the show…

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