Watch Bunny’s a Swine hire indie rock ringers in their new video for ‘Greetings From The Bottom’


Oh Western Mass, it’s so hott right now.

So hot in fact, that Northampton’s Bunny’s a Swine have decided to hire stand-ins to play the indie rock and go through the motions while watching the buckets of Pitchcoins roll in. In their new video for “Greetings From The Bottom,” the guitar-rock trio brought in a bunch of ringers — Sadie Dupius of Speedy Ortiz, engineer Justin Pizzoferrato of Sonelab, and Libyans’ Kevin Gebo — to do their dirty work from the farms to the clubs. They usually show up in Bunny’s a Swine media reviews, so why don’t they just become the band?

The band auditions don’t go well. Or maybe they do. We can’t tell anymore. It doesn’t matter.


Loroto directed the video (the Boston production team behind recent vids for Mean Creek, Young Adults, and Earthquake Party), and Candace Clement sums it up at the end, when she remarks “It’s like 1998 just exploded in my heart.” #hastag

Bunny’s a Swine are back in Boston November 2, when they play O’Brien’s Pub in Allston with Mail The Horse. We’re sure they will be playing as themselves.