Cover charge: Choose your favorite Miley Cyrus ‘Bangerz’ alternative album art


You can’t cage Miley Cyrus, bro. So naturally the “Wrecking Ball”-ridin’ twerkin’ girl wouldn’t be limited to just one boring-ol’ image for her October 8 album Bangerz. Nah, she’s got four alternative album covers on the way (this is her fourth album!) and fans can vote on which will grace Bangerz‘ deluxe version. The others will still be available via her online shop, so don’t sweat it.

Which do you like? Vote in the poll — you can only vote once, so you can stop — but only after you’ve checked out all the options we’ve presented below. A bunch of sites have unveiled the images this morning, but we got that all rounded up for your viewing pleasure.

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1. The Cool Muppet: Shiny jacket, gaudy jewelry, Animal on drums (oh wait). This one just looks weird, but it has a cool ’80s sticker card vibe to it. You’d hate to run into this Miley in a cold dark alley off Main Street in Stoneham, Mass., even if there’s a strange Jonathan Taylor Thomas vibe to it.

miley 1

2. The Sensitive Pop Star: There’s more to Miley than twerking, Mom. She has feelingz, emotionz, and other things that needlessly end in a “Z.” Also, Power, Corruption, & Lies called, it wants its flowers back.


Miley 2

3. Naked Miley: You knew this was going to be an option. This “teen boy” look is going to be so hot this Halloween. How do you be Sexy Miley? And can someone Photoshop Lance Bass’ head on this please?

Miley 3

4. The Dance Studio Closed Early So Ima Just Sit Here On This Chair: Gonna sweat it out and just sorta-sit here in this weird chair that kinda looks like the old Milwaukee Brewers ball-in-glove logo from the ’80s. Cue Gorman Thomas singing “We Can’t Stop.”


Miley 4

5. The OGs: Cool, classy, mysterious. Everything that’s so Miley. So clearly this is the regular artwork. It does feel very Patrick Bateman, though, so we’ll give her that (if Patrick Bateman refused to wear pants, obvi).

Miley 5