Tom Brady as Miley Cyrus in ‘Wrecking Ball’ is the most disturbing thing you’ll see all week


Never mind that evil-ass clown terrorizing the English city of Northampton — here is the most terrifying thing you’ll see today. And maybe all week. It’s definitely scarier than only beating the Jets by three points.

Pittsburgh sports blog Benstonium added Tom Brady’s head to Miley Cyrus’ body in the pop star’s bare-all “Wrecking Ball” video, and despite it only being a few seconds long, it’ll stay with you much longer than that. This is definitely payback for the Bruins sweeping the Penguins out of the Eastern Conference Final.

OK, Pittsburgh, we’re sorry. You didn’t need to go this far. Our wide receiver situation is a very delicate one, and we understand why Brady is so upset. You don’t see us making videos of Ben Roethlisberger twerking up against underage college girls at the bar.


Then again, we’ve moved on. Kenbrell Thompkins will have his revenge — if this ball swung towards Wes Welker, he likely would drop it at the opponents’ 20 yard line.

And of course, if that was Danny Amendola on that wrecking ball he’d be injured immediately.

We just can’t win (anymore).


Brady Wrecking Ball