A free Nirvana tattoo when you re-buy ‘In Utero’? Oh well, whatever, nevermind


[dropcap]B[/dropcap]efore we proceed, let’s take a second to remind ourselves that band tattoos are almost always a terrible idea. Furthermore, a happy face with Xs for eyes and its tongue hanging out of a slightly squiggly mouth is pretty damn close to an ordinary happy face. An ordinary happy face is the worst idea for a tattoo ever.

But is anything ever a bad idea when it’s free? Philosophers and scientists have debated that question throughout human history, and we’re certainly in no position to offer a conclusive answer. What we can say is Nirvana diehards who’ve dreamed of adding Kurt and Co.’s smiley face insignia to their collection of body art are in luck …especially if they live in Seattle or Long Beach, or on Long Island.

In a potentially misguided cross promotion with the 20th anniversary reissues of In Utero, Nirvana’s last and arguably greatest album, and the Live and Loud DVD, three record stores are offering free smiley face tattoos with either disc for one day only [Editor’s Note: what a missed opportunity for “heart-shaped boxes”.]


Participating outlets include Looney Tunes Records in Babylon, New York; Silver Platters in Seattle; and Fingerprints in Long Beach. Individuals more than 21 years of age need only show proof of purchase to one the designated artists between noon and 8 pm on September 24.

Getting the happy face anywhere “explicit” is against the rules, so if you’re wondering, no, you can’t get a free Nirvana tattoo on your wiener or your vagina, you sick bastard.