The Pixies unveil four new songs, an EP, and video for the sweeping ‘Indie Cindy’

Oh “Bagboy,” you were just a cruel tease.

A few weeks after releasing a pretty lackluster new song, their first new tune in nine years, the Pixies struck back with a vengeance today, unveiling four new songs as part of a new release titled EP-1. The new batch, which doesn’t include the maligned “Bagboy,” is out today and was written by the Pixies and recorded with Gil Norton at Rockfield Studios in Wales last October. The fact that there’s a “1” noted on the title suggests more music is on the way.

This version of the Pixies is indeed Kim Deal-less: Black Francis (vocals); Joey Santiago (guitars, backing vocals); David Lovering (drums, ding/bass); and Jeremy Dubs (backing vocals).

The EP’s exciting third track, which sounds ripped right out of 1989, is “Indie Cindy,” and the sweeping tune was made into a video. You can watch the LAMAR+NIK-directed video above. Full track listing and album artwork is below.

EP-1 Track Listing:
1. Andro Queen
2. Another Toe in the Ocean
3. Indie Cindy
4. What Goes Boom

pixies EP1