VMvsic: Icky Blossoms – Heat Lightning

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ebraska’s Icky Blossoms formed in 2011 but already have one of the finest electro-pop tracks of the young decade in “Heat Lightning.” Led by Derek Pressnall of Tilly and the Wall, the Omaha trio sparkles on this sexy synth jam, mixing elements of throbbing electro-pop with a very slick new wave flair, all drawn together by the lyrical bedroom eyes of vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Bohling. The music video for “Heat Lightning” is an acid trip clip that mixes performance footage with animation and other chroma key effects, flashing both color and black/white on a broken-hearted easel with one specific message: “Keep on dancing if the lights keep flashing.”

Michael Marotta


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]cky Blossoms are a dancy electronic, blissrock band from Omaha, Nebraska, formed by Nebraska musician Derek Pressnall (Flowers Forever, Tilly and the Wall) and Los Angeles’s Nik Fackler (Indreama). The band, if you can call them that, is more or less a collective collaboration of artists throughout the country, with Pressnall and Fackler working with such musicians as Sarah Bohling, J.J. Idt, and Jacob Thiele.