Alison’s Weekenders Playlist, Vol. 7: Los Campesinos!, Arctic Monkeys, American Authors, Ellie Goulding ++


In the days following a tragic overdose resulting in the death of a 19-year-old girl at the Zedd show at House of Blues this week, my newsfeed exploded with commentary. There were the typical expressions of sadness sure, but the majority of Facebook friends were raging at the current state of concerts. “Go see live music. Drink good beer. Don’t go see button mashers. Don’t take fake drugs. Don’t die,” one read, in presumed protest to the DJ scene.

I’ll be the first to admit this playlist has touted its share of electronica music, and the exhilaration of an all night dance party when the landscape permits. In the right circumstances, party drugs make for a whoooole lotta fun. But we would be remiss to overlook the natural high achieved when watching our favorite rock group sweating it out on stage. And so this weekend’s playlist brings us back to our all-encompassing rock roots.

Anchoring the 7th edition of Weekenders is Los Campesinos! single “What Death Leaves Behind.” The unfortunately-timed title gives way to overly morbid lyrics laced with implied optimism, overrun by hurling drums hook after hook. The Royal Bangs had help from established rocker and fellow Tennessee native Patrick Carney (the Black Keys), whose bluesy retro brilliance is evident on “Octagon.” While not exactly ground breaking stuff, the Dirty Guv’nahs “Live Forever” is a suitable substitute for Kings of Leon cravings.


It’s worth noting Eminem’s newest single “Berzerk” samples Billy Squier, as well as the rap rock origins of Beastie Boys. Electronic princess Ellie Goulding enlisted fun.’s pop pro Nate Ruess to lighten up after the moodier “Midas Touch” with puppy love-inducing “Goodness Gracious.” The latest from American Authors finishes out our emotional rock n’ rollercoaster. Addictive and euphoric, “Luck” proves that music really can be your drug.


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