Video premiere: Breaking up with ‘Radiator’ by Appomattox, directed by Reuben Bettsak


Getting invited to a break-up party not always a good time. Behind the forced smiles, the couple is usually a ticking time-bomb, and the potential joy in a sloppy-seconds rebound is often outweighed by the emotional clusterfuck entanglement of its two main players. Chances are, you’re just the guy or girl that’s going to make things worse, and wake up the next morning finding vague, passive aggressive tweets and status updates that you’re just not sure are directed at you or the ex. Orgasms come and go, but ex-hexes cast on New York dance floors last forever.

So it goes in the new music video for Appomattox’s “Radiator,” which we’re premiering today on Vanyaland. The frenetic Brooklyn trio (which started in Boston many moons ago) released their latest EP, 3against2, last month, and while it’s dubbed as a collection of “political love songs,” the relationship politics in the jittery “Radiator” run as deep as a bottomless cocktail glass. The only winning move, as they say, is not to play.

Appomattox’s “Radiator” video was directed by Reuben Bettsak of Guillermo Sexo, and the two bands hook up again in Brooklyn September 15 when they share the Shea Stadium stage with Ghost Box Orchestra and the Living Kills.


Check out the video above, as well as the entire 3Against2 EP below.

Appomattox 3against2