Listen to a new Throwing Muses song; 32-track artbook/LP ‘Purgatory/Paradise’ out this fall

As Luke O’Neil points out in his recent post on Bullett, the ’90s resurgence keeps chugging along. Now we have a new track from Rhode Island-born college-rock heroes Throwing Muses, the trio’s first offering in a decade. “sleepwalking 1” doesn’t sound like a “comeback” single, it just sounds pretty fucking solid, a menacing guitar-rock tune and jumps up in front of you, then backs away, then gets back in your face, over and over for the song’s 2:23 duration.

“sleepwalking 1” is the lead off a new 32-song artbook/LP called Purgatory/Paradise, which finds singer/guitarist Kristin Hersh, drummer Dave Narcizo, and bassist Bernard Georges in familiar sonic territory. The Muses returned with a self-titled record in 2003, with backing vocals from founding member Tanya Donelly, who left the band in the early ’90s to go on to play in the Breeders and Belly. This time, however, it’s just the core trio.

According to reports, Purgatory/Paradise will feature a book designed by Narcizo with Hersh’s writing, lyrics, and photos. The artbook is released first, on October 28, while the music follows November 11.

Check out “sleepwalking 1,” as well as the LP’s full track listing and artwork below. Interestingly enough “sleepwalking 2” is the third song of the album, while its predecessor, by title at least, is slotted at the end.

Purgatory/Paradise track listing
1. smoky hands
2. morning birds 1
3. sleepwalking 2
4. sunray venus
5. cherry candy 1
6. film
7. opiates
8. cherry candy 2
9. freesia
10. curtains 1
11. triangle quanitico
12. morning birds 2
13. lazy eye
14. blurry 1
15. folding fire
16. slippershell
17. bluff
18. blurry 2
19. terra nova
20. walking talking
21. milan
22. curtains 2
23. folding fire 1
24. static
25. clark’s nutcracker
26. dripping trees
27. sleepwalking 1
28. smoky hands 2
29. speedbath
30. quick
31. dripping trees 2
32. glass cats

Throwing Musus