VMvsic: Slove – Flash


It’s a bold statement calling something the Sexiest Video of all Time. Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” immediately comes to mind, as does George Michael’s “Freedom ’90,” and D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” and pretty much every early Britney clip. But there’s just something so alluring by French duo Slove’s 2011 instant classic “Flash.” Maybe it’s the seductive electro-pop, led by the sultry bedroom vocals of Mississippi-born Sarah Krebs, and maybe it’s the pastel-colored video that finds Krebs swimming between the sheets with unbridled desire. Maybe it’s both. Leo Helden and Julien Barthe are well known in the French electronic music scene, but Krebs, one of a handful of vocalists featured on Le Danse, completes the dance-pop trinity. “Flash,” in all its textured passion, is nothing short of musical foreplay. And we need more.

Michael Marotta

BIO: Slove is a band that mixes its tastes for yesterdayʼs indie pop music flamboyance and the urgency of todayʼs electronic music. Its two founding members: Léo Hellden & Julien Barthe are involved in several of the most exciting projects shaking up todayʼs French scene (Aswefall, Tristesse Contemporaine for Léo, Plaisir de France and Sweetlight / Abusator for Julien).