Did Taylor Swift say STFU toward One Direction last night at the VMAs?


Taylor Swift has had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the city of Boston. While she’s generally done very well here, packing out Gillette Stadium, there’s been some issues, like internet trolls enabling an Allston school for the deaf to win a concert contest, and just a few months ago, a radio meet-and-greet getting the axe after some creepster got the invite.

But Tay-Sway might have become Boston’s newest darling last night at the Video Music Awards. Early in the show, One Direction was on stage, and one of them — all we know is Harry :/ — said with much vigor: “The best fans are in New York.”

As the camera cuts to Swift, you can read her lips, which appear to say something to the effect of “Shut the fuck up.”



Supporters are claiming she simply apologized to the person closest to her for her arm being all tentacle like around the chair next to her, but we’d rather stick with the STFU theory. It’s much more salacious. And pretty much everyone over 16 years old in America was mouthing STFU to 1D last night anyway. Why not allow Swift to be America’s mouthpiece?

It’s a shame the camera cut away right after, because no doubt she followed it up with “Now take off that fucking Joy Division shirt.”