Listen to the grungy new Blackbutton single ‘Canopy,’ released tonight @ the Middle East

A lot of times, when a band is celebrating new music with the traditional “release party,” they stack (or whatever the opposite of stack is) the bill with their friends’ crummy projects and some shit blogbuzz band from Brooklyn whose bassist once dropped a deuce at a Tufts study hall around the same time the release party band’s drummer took a class in German language and literature.

That’s not the case when Boston alt-rock trio Blackbutton birth new single “Canopy” tonight at the Middle East in Cambridge, as every band on the bill has equal right to be there. Headliner Harris Hawk recorded their January album Feeder at Mystic Valley Studio in Medford with Alex Garcia-Rivera (Confessions), which inspired the Blackbutton dudes to record “Canopy” there.

After that session concluded, “Canopy” was passed along to Luke Sullivan, singer extraordinaire of Left Hand Does, who open tonight’s show, to master the track. “Blackbutton will now take the stage with the two bands who have inspired and helped make this song possible for what should be an awesome night of music,” the band reports.

“Canopy,” which can be previewed up top, is a grungy little guitar-rock stinger, and the second in a series of new singles Blackbutton have released in their recent resurrection, following up this past winter’s “Still Kids.” Remember when they covered Nirvana’s “Breed” at the Rumble back in April? They weren’t fucking around. And now that everyone’s all about Nirvana as we count down the weeks until the 20th anniversary of In Utero, we can safely say that Blackbutton were into them before they got cool again.

Blackbutton Flyer

Blackbutton Canopy