Listen to Kitty Pryde cover ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ by Sky Ferreira

Props to Janette Sylvain for passing along this fresh-out-tha-oven clip of Kitty Pryde covering Sky Ferreira’s still-dope r&B jam “Everything Is Embarrassing.” It’s so new, in fact, we had to hit up Ms. Pryde to ensure it’s really legit. But it is! Seems like only yesterday we were all getting kicked out of Urban Renewal in Allston for taking pictures during a Boston Phoenix shopping spree.

Turns out Pryde posted the track on her tumblr to celebrate getting her “mic back” — that sounds like a fair reason to cover Sky as any, though “Lost In My Bedroom” remains our all-time fave — and now EisE has landed on Soundcloud. Overall, it’s a pretty faithful rendition, with pretty much the same beat, though stripped down a bit with some sweet bass at the end.

Now, we have to ask: Will Sky return the favor and give us her take on “Okay Cupid”? That’s something we’d love to hear.

And for shits and giggles and giggles and shits, here is Ferriera’s original.