First show alert: Raw Blow, featuring members of Now Denial, Furnace, Luau; 08.17.13 @ O’Brien’s


Here in the media we always love to premiere shit, or be the first to post a song or video and wave our dicks around like some sort of musical gatekeeper that ensures the Earth keeps spinning properly and our readers’ heads are filled with only the latest and greatest sounds from Boston and beyond. But we haven’t even heard any music from new band Raw Blow, which play their First Show Ever (copyright pending) this Saturday night, August 17, at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston.

But who needs teaser demo songs when you have pedigree? Raw Blow are comprised of some familiar faces in the Boston hardcore/punk scene: Adam Caries (Now Denial, Bar Sinister) on guitar/vocals; Darryl Pohas (Furnace) on guitar/vocals; Jake Quarrell (Luau) on bass/vocals; and drummer Brian Donovan (Now Denial, Furnace).

Raw Blow is currently tracking a new 12-song LP up in Haverhill, and no doubt a few of those tracks will be in display this weekend in Allston. They’re joined on their maiden voyage bill by Sneeze, No Fun, and Dream Warrior, who do have some songs for our previewing pleasure. Check out some tunes below.



Flyer by John McCarthy

Raw Blow Flyer