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TMZ is all over this video of Coolio riding a woman like a horse at the Middle East


So we were pretty jacked up about Coolio playing the Middle East last week, but ultimately we ended up at the “secret” Disclosure gig at the Cyclorama instead. Two words: BAD DECISION.

Why? Because clearly shit got so real at the Cambridge club, TMZ is reporting on what went down — and remarkably, what didn’t “go down.” Sometime during the show, we guess before “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Coolio jumped up on a woman who was dancing on stage, and rode her like a horse.

The “Fantastic Voyage” captain whispered sweet somethings in the lady’s ear, and then, with what we assume is her enthusiastic permission, mounted her right there in front of everyone. She even got a lil’ atta-girl ass slap for her troubles.


Of course, this shit probably happened every week at Throwed, but it never involved anyone of Coolio’s stature. The man moves well for 50.

And she’s got some kinda lower body strength on her.

To the good people at the Middle East, that’s a job well done. Just please let TMZ know you’re located in Cambridge, not Boston. Easy mistake by some LA cats.