Here’s how to be a part of tonight’s Disclosure show without actually going to the Cyclorama

We’re just about out the door en route to the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts for the Disclosure show, but wanted to pass along word that it will be live streamed starting tonight at 11pm via themusicexperiment.com. So those who didn’t get a ticket or don’t live in the Boston area or just hate leaving the house still can join in on the fun, as MTV Iggy and Intel are promising all sorts of cool bits of future-is-now interaction.

According to the presser, “Fans can join the live show remotely as part of the Virtual Audience via their webcam and will be projected onto a giant screen at the venue.” So you still have to look pretty even though you’re still at home/work/wherever.

Here’s the full word:

Want to take the live stream to the next level? Connect to the Music Experiment Windows 8 App which allows homes users to direct the show themselves from multiple camera angles – zoom in for a close up on their favorite band member, cut back for a wide shot, and save their own edit to share with their friends. The entire experience is in full HD video and can be wirelessly sent to the users TV using Intel’s new WiDi technology while being controlled from their lap.

Fans attending the show are asked to wear all black to be a part of the event’s “White Noise” theme inspired by the title of Disclosure’s hot single from their debut album, Settle. The entire venue will be blacked out with white highlights and fans will have the chance to paint their faces with white glowing paint, just like in the iconic Disclosure album and video motifs. Those beaming into the venue via their webcams are encouraged to take part as well. Need inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

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