Listen to what may or may not be a new Lady Gaga track, called ‘Aura’


Back when I was a small child, Tuesday meant new music day. While the internet has essentially eroded the anticipation of new releases, there are some surprises popping up without warning, and that’s also essentially the fault of online culture. Today’s surprise came last night, via online leak, of something being called either the new Lady Gaga single or a half-finished demo track.

Either way, this schitzo-pop gem labeled as “Aura” or “Burqa” gives a little glimpse into Ms Germanotta’s theatrical new autumn album ARTPOP.

Immediate responses to the track are mixed, but I kinda like it. The twangy guitars at the start give way to an expected EDM-gasm at the song’s heart, and the quieted vocal chorus is just ambitious enough (with some “Paparazzi” DNA shining through) to think this probably isn’t too far from what we’ll get when ARTPOP drops November 11. Maybe it’ll be polished up between now and then, maybe this is the final edit, or hell maybe it’s just one giant ruse.


Fire it up now before the internet police drag it back under the covers.