The Bynars invite you to go ‘Dancing On A Dream’ in feel-good new single

Back in April, Boston’s skillfully unfazed maestros of quirky-pop The Bynars unleashed very-long synth-pop jam “All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun Tonight,” and though we hit “play” the day it was released, we’re sure it finally ended just minutes ago. It was a wild ride. We feel like a completely new website. We started listening to it as a blog, and now we’re an online music magazine. When they talk about music having the ability to transform, this must be it.

Now, with the ease of a new song queued up on the spinning compact disc that is life, today the Bynarzaros released another single, “Dancing On A Dream,” the latest cut from new record X Vs X, which gets birthed September 17.

This one isn’t months-long (admission: the previous single was only 12 minutes) but still has a joyride feel. “Dancing On A Dream” is a more straight-laced pop track than previous Bynars material, with a nervous (in a good way) guitar riff leading the tune through a sunny day in Springfield. In fact, the whole song is the sound of jumping in the back seat of a convertible and DGAFing about all of life’s pains. And like most Bynars songs, it gets better as it moves along.

Check out the song below, DL it for whatever money you have between the seat cushions and in the cup holders of the ol’ Buick, and catch the Bynars live and in action August 8 when they play the KahBang Music & Arts Festival in beautiful Bangor, Maine.

Get in the car. Go ahead, do it, dance on that dream.