Viva Viva announce ‘Dead In Yr Tracks’ EP, release music video for title track


Oh hey VIVA VIVA, how you been’?

The heralded Boston garage rock band has been laying low lately, playing only a handful of shows here and there as frontman Dave Vicini splits time between Massachusetts and Kentucky. But today the Vives announced a gritty new blues-infused EP, Dead In Yr Tracks, recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, along with with their first-ever music video for the title track shot by Jesse O’Driscoll. The clip features Carmen O’Connor of Bodega Girls hitting the town like it’s a school night en route to a Viva Viva gig.

The live performance was shot at Middlesex Lounge in the band’s unofficial home base of Central Square, Cambridge, and it captures the raw intensity of the famed Viva Viva live show.


In a release from Boston-based label Fort Point Recordings, co-singer/guitarist Chris Warren says the video is “a bastardized tribute to the Rolling Stones ‘Miss You’ where instead of getting the girl and being a millionaire, you’re down-and-out chasing a girl around town with a chip on your shoulder.”

The band’s latest EP, their third release for Fort Point, is officially out August 6 digitally and on limited colored vinyl, and features two new songs, “Black Cat” and “Human Chameleon.”

Viva Viva was selected to record at Rubber Tracks after securing a Golden Record at 2011’s SXSW Festival. Ya gotta be in it to win it, kids.


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