[download] Deathface “Leather & Sweat Mixxx” for Vanyaland // tonight @ Middlesex, CVLT 06.03

Deathface Cover

As CVLT rolls hard toward its July rave-grave, the dark dance network of parties around the Boston area looks west for a sonic beat parade tonight at Middlesex Lounge. Chicago DJ/producer DEATHFACE, a.k.a. Johnny Love, former one half of Guns N’ Bombs, is no stranger to our underground industri-electro circles, holding court in the clubs and their various ladies rooms, unleashing a dead disco dance party at every turn.

Tonight he lights the decks at the Middlesex Lounge for the second-to-final CVLT event, and to celebrate accordingly, Deathface has whipped up this exclusive 45-minute “Leather & Sweat” dance mix for Vanyaland, available for free download via his Soundcloud below.

Described by Deathface as “More music from the era before bros discovered ecstasy and ruined partying for everyone,” it’s a full-on seductive assault that’ll romance your impatient Monday in the office and mock your bleary-eyed broken-heel Tuesday come morning.

Deathface has been a busy bee lately as we await his next release, Cry For Black Dawn, later this year; he unleashed a Long Clothing mixtape two months ago and last week contributed to its remix collaboration project for Ulterior’s “The Locust of Control”

Get into his corner, and let it all out tonight at CVLT.

Cvlt v Deathface