Hot Breath answer with mighty riffs on rock ripper ‘Keep on Calling’

Via The Sign Records

Some things are just scientific fact: Cold breath is something you can see, and hot breath is something you can hear. The former is proven every New England winter, and the latter is proved right fucking now with Hot Breath’s powderkeg of a new single called “Keep on Calling.” The Swedish garage rock band unleashes this energetic riff ripper today (May 12) via The Sign Records, and it hits the streams alongside a colorful new video directed by Jim Nedergård. ”’Keep On Calling’ is a song about trying to break free from forbidden duets – even though your body is as tense as a bow-string,” the band offer up. Works for us. We don’t think there are any stateside dates coming up for these cats anytime soon, though when it happens, we’ll be sure to see it and hear it from a mile away.