Grade 2 punch a melodic punk ticket to catch the ‘Midnight Ferry’ home

Photo Credit: Ryan Mackfall

It’s hyper clear that Grade 2 are one of our new fave bands. The English punk trio outta Isle of Wight saw their spirited single “Doing Time” land on our 2022 Year in ReView shortlist last month, and our eager ears are pointed forward to February 17, when they deliver a new self-titled album through Hellcat Records. Today (January 23) brings a new melodic ripper called “Midnight Ferry”, and it’s another shout-along effort of old-school impactful punk that takes us home quite nicely. Here’s what Grade 2 have to say about it: “This song is our story, a tale of a night out and the truth of growing up in a rural town. Capturing the adventurous spirit, trying to escape any mundane responsibilities, if just for a night. Just know you’ll be brought straight back down to earth on that journey home.” Catch a ticket and ride along.